<Catalyst> Guild Rules

The goal of <Catalyst> is to be one of the guilds who are able to clear all the content in the game, whilst adhering to our casual 3 nights/week raid schedule. The guild will aim to get as many Mythic achievements in the game as possible, and have a structure that make it possible for players to also do instances and other achievements outside the normal raid times.

The guild tries to be a platform where people from all over the world can spend their spare time in the game World of Warcraft. In Order to achieve this goal the Guild leadership made up a list of Rules.

The Rules

The following rules are required to join <Catalyst>. If you are in <Catalyst> the rules will apply to you. If you fail on some points you will have a penalty. The penalty could be a:
- Warning,
- Demote,
- In extreme cases removal from the guild.

If you are in <Catalyst> (of any rank) this means you are wearing the name of the guild, and thus you are projecting the external image of the guild, so you need to ensure that your actions outside of guild events reflect this. By this we mean that you should be friendly and helpful towards other guildies, and try to help where you can.

If you have any issues with the guild, members of the guild, or an external influence, be sure to contact your Officer´s as they are there to help and ensure that these issues do not escalate into something major.

You should never have any members of the guild on your ignore list. We should all try to behave friendly and respectful to all other players in the game; even if they insult you try to stay fair (and once again if you have any issues, talk to the officer team).

Remember; wearing the <Catalyst> name above your head means that you have some responsibility for both yours and the guilds image no matter what rank you have in the guild. Racism, sexual harassment or other uncouth behavioural attributes with the intent to harm will not be tolerated; and if you bring the image of <Catalyst> in a negative light you can have an instant kick.

For all Raids

1. You must read the tactics of new boss encounters, or encounters that are new to you. If you never attended a raid with bosses you don’t know the tactics of: Always read them up and watch movies.
If there is different tactics on bosses and you don’t know the <Catalyst> tactics, SPEAK UP AND ASK QUESTIONS (people will thank you for clarifying a mechanic than failing at it and wasting raid time)

2. You must bring enough pots/flask/tomes/augment runes/food buffs and all other raegents to perform as best as possible in the raid. (You are expected to be self sufficient)
The guild will provide feasts (if used).

3. You must check the forums/discord at least 3 to 4 times a week (ideally daily, during progression). On the forums we discuss all new boss tactics. Lots of other useful info will be posted there, we do NOT use the GMotD as a main source of communication!

There may also be more rules and additions to the guild rules and these can be found on the Member Forums >> "News & Announcements” area of the forums. Be sure to keep up to date with developments there.

4. You never go AFK during a raid; there is a break in all raids in order to go to the toilet or whatever is needed. If a very special situation demands that you go AFK you inform the Officers/Raid Leader - You do not type "brb sec" in raid chat, as this is just plain disrespectful and you can get benched for this.

5. It is assumed that all raiders will attend every raid. If you can't come to a raid, or for some reason miss one, you should always inform your fellow raiders with a post on the forum "I can't raid".
It’s in your OWN responsibility to ensure that you can attend every raid, and make your friends/family perfectly clear of your raiding intentions. Note that we require,outside of scheduled afks, attendance close to 100%!

6. Changing main spec. or main character is not allowed without talking to an Officer.

7. If you raid attendance is too low your guild rank will be re-evaluated, and will result in a possible demote.

8. You will have all of the required addons, as outlined by the Officer team.

9. Use of bots or any other automation systems/programs that can put your account at risk are not permitted by the guild. As it puts your account your account at risk which means the guild can potentially lose both the character (which everyone in the raid team has invested into), and the player.

Guild Ranks


- Trial Period of an indefinite period (the end of a trial period is denoted by when your performance reaches a level where it has stopped drastically improving and has stagnated, and is then evaluated if it is good enough for a raider rank or not)
- Under Supervision of the officers
- Officers will Decide Upon Completion of the Trial Period about Promotion to Raider or Failure of Trial
- Raiders can assist with Day to Day Issues and Questions


- Have the attendance they promised in their application.
- Should always be seeking to improve themselves to maintain their raider position
- Have higher loot priority than trials
- Expected to be the experienced players who know their class


- Check Trial for Raid Performance ( On time to raid, Not Afking/Slacking during Raid etc)
- Promote Trial-> Raider freely based on Promotion Rules
- Critiscism and evaluation of raiders

Raid Leader

- Leads the raid
- Is the only one who decides when a raid starts or ends
- Has the final say with anything raid related

Social ("Bro")

- Has no special rights for any raid spots
- Is the last to roll on a Item if the raid leader decides them to roll for an item
- Is a friend of a raider and is in the guild for social purposes only

Guild Master

- Manages the Officers and members and helps them where ever they need it
- Manages the guild bank with help of the officers.
- Make sure he gets a professional supervisor (Officer Team) who is over looking his actions.

Loot Rules

<Catalyst>'s officer team, have decided to go with "Loot Council”. By that the officers solely decide what item that goes to what player..
It is more or less impossible to put in any specific rules regarding how the loot is distributed since the decision will always be situational, and based on so many different factors, and there are other factors that may hold additional weight in the decision (for example: upgrades completed if applicable, attendance, player skill, and knowledge about your class).


During raids:

- No comments on different or failing tactics on teamspeak or raid chat unless asked for
- If the raid leader misses anything in the tactics tell in raid chat
- No Personal issues on Teamspeak or Raid chat. You contact an officer about this.
- On trash we can chat/banter a bit on Teamspeak unless the Raid leader says otherwise (i.e. is recapping or providing an explination for next pull)
- On bosses stay silent, unless you have something important to say

Outside of raids:

- If you wish to make any constructive comments with regards to raid leading, raid team management, loot, tactics, or raid strategy we have active forums to discuss it. Do not be afraid to speak your mind!
- Any personal issues handle with an officer, in whispers or on forums
- Never hurt others intentionally in any way.


19:45 Raid starts that means you’re online in the raid and in the instance we are doing unless you informed your fellow raiders via an I Can't Raid forum post. *Raids will start at this time or earlier depending on how much trash needs to be cleared and time spent from invites times*
- Please note, the reason invites occur 15minutes before the above stated times, so that we can spend all of our raid time on bosses.

If you are in this guild, you stick to these rules